Tuesday, May 14, 2019
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SPECIAL 20+4 of Flavin7 Gold 200 ml   Flavin7 Gold is the world's only and best liquid polyphenol concentrate, proven by clinical tests to be highly effective. Flavin7 Gold is an extract of seven fruits (grape, blackberry, black cherry, black and red currant, elderberry and plum), with the equivalent (approximately) of 7kg of fruit polyphenols in each serving.   Using molecular separation technique in a specially...
AKCIE 20+4 Flavin7 Gold 200 ml Prípravok Flavin7 Gold v tekutej forme je jediným a najúčinnejším  bioflavonoidovým prípravkom na svete, čo je podložené aj klinickými štúdiami. Prípravok Flavin7 Gold je vyrobený z koncentrátu siedmych druhov bobuľovitého ovocia (modré hrozno, moruša čierna, višne,...
AKCIÓ 20+4 Flavin7 Gold 200 ml   A Flavin7 Gold termék, folyadék formában az egyetlen és a leghatásosabb bioflavonoid készítmény a világon, amit klinikai vizsgálatok is bizonyítanak. A Flavin7 Gold termék 7 féle bogyós gyümölcs koncentraciójából készül és adagonként a polifenol...
Spéciale 20+4 of Flavin7 Gold 200 ml   Flavin7 Gold est la seule et la meilleure concentration de polyhénol liquide du monde, prouvé par des tests cliniques d’être extrêmement puissan. Flavin7 Gold est un extrait de sept fruits, avec l’équivalent á 7 kg de fruits flavonoïdes dans chaque portion. L’utilisation de la technique de séparation moléculaire...

Preparation of Flavin7 Gold

Resveratrol - the main component of Flavin7 Gold

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Former Flavin compared to the new and improved Flavin7 Gold

"In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in diets rich in fruits and vegetables and this is mostly due to their presumed role in the prevention of various degenerative diseases, such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases..." (PMID: 21073258)

INRS-ETE, Université du Québec,
490 Rue de la Couronne, Québec, Canada.

"Berry flavonoids and phenolics: bioavailability and evidence of protective effects..." (PMID: 20955651)

Department of Public Health, University of Parma, Parma, Italy.

"Challenges for research on polyphenols from foods in Alzheimer's disease:
bioavailability, metabolism, and cellular and molecular mechanisms..." (PMID: 18557624)

INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier,
531 Boulevard des Prairies, Laval, Québec H7V 1B7, Canada.

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