Tuesday, May 14, 2019
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Yes this product works very well on my blood circulation problems! I have been using Flavin7 Gold for 2 years! Customer: Eugenia. S

While undergoing chemotherapy for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma I began to take Flavin7 Gold. Throughout the course of my 6 months treatment my doctors and nurses were astonished at how strong I continued to be. The Flavin7 Gold seemed to have prevented a lot of the symptoms others experienced, such as weakness. Best of all I did not even lose all of my hair! Customer: Andrea. M

When I first started using Flavin7 Gold, I had problems with my cholesterol, with high blood pressure, and I would take 5 heart pills per day and 1 pill for cholesterol. After using half a bottle of the product, I stopped taking the cholesterol pill and I reduced the heart pills to 2 per day. In addition, my whole body felt better, I had less headaches and more energy. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful product! Customer: Adrian. C

My mother uses the Flavin7 Gold product, and she is very satisfied with that, has greatly improved the general well being. Customer: Katalin. T

Obesity is caused by vascular problems of high blood pressure, cholesterol levels rise and immunodeficiency. Since Flavin7 Gold tried it, my cholesterol has improved the immune system stronger. Have more energy. I feel better. Customer: Zoltan. Sz

It has been great and helped some of my friends with serious medical problems. works wonder. Customer: Waseem. H

From: Deirdre: From: Deirdre: Hi! I have been taking Flavin7 Gold for months now, and my last blood test for ovarian cancer came back normal. Thanks!! Thanks again for the great product!! Customer: Deirdre

Hello from the USA in Michigan Now we have three people taking Flavin7 Gold and my aunt who has been having chemo is doing GREAT. My husband with the bone cancer originating from prostate now has a spot on his liver. We continue to hope for the best and take our Flavin7 Gold. A gentleman is now taking it who is diabetic and he says he can tell the difference. He feels so much better on it. I will call because everyone is anxious. Thank you.

Chemotherapy - A four-inch-sized malignant tumour was found in the lung and liver of István half a year ago. At the time besides undergoing chemotherapy, he consumed Flavin7 Gold. Practically, the tumour has vanished and there were hardly any side effects of chemotherapy. In fact, the young man began to put on weight while undergoing chemotherapy in the meantime.

During chemotherapy I met many sick people, the young man says. They often ask how I feel and are quite amazed to hear that I feel better than they do. They say that when they get home after such a therapy they usually stayed in bed or are nauseated; however it this does not happen to me. When I get home I have the same vitality I had at the beginning of the therapy. The sportsman is now healthy again.""

Cancer - I am a 58 years old female. I had undergone surgery, because I had a cancerous growth in my colon. While undergoing several more tests after the surgery it turned out that I also had growths in my uterus, cervix, and liver as well. Those were removed from my body as well using surgery. Before the surgeries I received 5 intensive radiation therapies. I received 8 de Gramon protocol CAMPTO therapy. After undergoing further screenings it was discovered that I had cancerous growth in my lungs as well. I underwent a further 4 treatments. Then the doctors told me that the spreading of the cancer hadn’t stopped. After that I begin taking Flavin7 Gold daily 3x10 ml. I have received Tomudex therapy 3 times a week for 5 subsequent weeks. I had gotten a liver haemorrhage from these medical treatments. The doctors stopped further therapies at this point. Since then I am taking 3x1 Indomethacin, and continuously consuming 3x10 ml Flavin7 Gold daily. Because of the positive effects of Flavin7 Gold the spreading cancer has stopped additionally, those growths which I had become smaller. Customer: Mrs. G.B" "

Diabetes - I am a 70 years old man. I have the following sicknesses: Angina pectoris (Angina pectoris is the medical term for chest pain or discomfort due to coronary heart disease), high blood pressure, diabetes, history of heart attacks. Before I knew about Flavin7 Gold, I had ordered a Dutch product that I had taken for 1½ year; however I didn’t feel any better. I happened to stumble on your products. It will be 1 year since I started taking Flavin7 Gold liquid. I have taken daily 1x5 ml of Flavin7 Gold liquid. I feel substantially better and since I have been taking these products I haven’t had an angina seizure either. I speak highly of your products and my positive experiences with them. I’d like t mention something more related to Flavin7 Gold. My neighbour had brain cancer some two 2 years ago. He has undergone surgery and chemotherapy treatments. Thanks to Flavin7 Gold liquid the chemotherapy treatments haven’t weakened him. He didn’t fell bad during the therapy, didn’t vomit, and hasn’t felt tired whatsoever. The doctors said the cause of this unusual situation is most likely attributable to the consumption Flavin7 Gold. He feels quite well now, the cancer has disappeared. I know these products won’t make me live forever, however using them allows one to much easier bear various age related medical conditions. Customer: T.J

Circulatory Problems - I am 72 years old. I had three cases of deep venous thrombosis (deep venous thrombosis is a condition where there is a blood clot in a deep vein; a vein that accompanies an artery). Medicines that I consume daily are: Chinotal, Colfarit, Venoruton capsule, moreover to regulate blood pressure Co-Renitec, Renitec 10 mg, Betaloc 50 mg. I have been taking Flavin7 Gold liquid. For the first month I took 2x5ml daily and later I used 5 ml daily. My overall health is now stable, my trouble sleeping is no longer present, my blood pressure has returned to normal. The whole day I am out in the garden, continuously moving about, the way I feel is significantly improved. In spite of having the flu in previous years, my immune system has become stronger and did not fall ill with the flu since.""

Prevention - My child is 3 years old. He began taking Flavin7 Gold to boost his immune system since he’s been attending kindergarten. He has been taking 5 ml daily. Carl’s adaptation to kindergarten life was absence free, even for one day. During the winter months he wasn’t ill either. The somewhat bitter, wine taste of the product has not bothered him in the slightest. Customer: Zs. H,","

Allergies - My son is only 5 years old; he however has asthmatics asphyxia and allergies. He has gone through conventional medical treatments and therapies. He has been taking Flavin7 Gold. Since taking Flavin7 Gold his symptoms have disappeared. His state of health is significantly improved; strength ability excellent, asphyxia is gone. He is taking 2x5 ml Flavin7 Gold every day. Customer: H.G""

Allergies - I am a 57 years old man. I have been suffering from spring allergies every since I've lived in Canada. Ever since I have been drinking 10ml of Flavin7 Gold a day, I've had for the first time no more symptoms. I also noticed, when I skipped two days, I felt my eyes starting to itch. I started taking Flavin7 Gold again in the morning, and my symptoms disappeared.""

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