The beneficial effects of polyphenols on our body

The beneficial effects of polyphenols on our body

Flavin7 Gold concentrates the so-called polyphenols, which by their neutralizing function protect our body from various harmful effects. With insufficient supply of polyphenols, cardiovascular problems, malignancies, and respiratory diseases are the most common causes of death in most non-communicable diseases worldwide. Polyphenols, also found in Flavin7 Gold, with their free radical scavenging properties, can greatly contribute to reducing these deaths. With reduced antioxidant capacity, these disorders increase the amount of lesions caused by free radical reactions, thereby destabilizing the body’s sensitive free radical antioxidant responses.

Polyphenols in concentrated form in Flavin7 Gold are compounds of a very diverse structure with different physiological effects, belonging to the group of antioxidants.

What are polyphenols?

Of the antioxidants, polyphenols are the most abundant in our diet. More than 8,000 compounds are known among polyphenols, many of which are found in Flavin7 Gold. Numerous national and international studies have been conducted on polyphenols, but only the Flavin7 Gold brand has been specifically studied in clinical trials. Epidemiological and experimental results clearly demonstrated the positive health effects of polyphenols.

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